For a health freak choosing between Vancouver’s best Mexican food restaurant and the resolve to a diet can be incredibly daunting. Especially as we all know how delicious Mexican food can be, it is not a surprise that most of us gravitate towards the rich, aromatic and tasty flavours of Mexican cuisine.

Out of all the oh so yummy Mexican dishes, tacos are the most popular ones. Restaurant or fast food tacos are likely to have an overload of calories and fats without being very filling. They can lead you to consume too many calories without any apparent nutrition. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your favourite Mexican food without the overload of calories. Just using the right ingredients can make your tacos yummy and suitable for any diet plan. Here’s how:

The Taco shell

Since taco shells are fried, they can add to a significant amount of calories. Switching to non-friend options can decrease the number of calories drastically. One of the healthiest alternatives to fried tacos is using a non-fried corn tortilla instead of a fried or flour tortilla. Just steam a few corn tortillas and fold and bake them in an oven at high temperatures to make them crisp.

Choosing a protein

To make a taco healthy, go for low salt meats such as lean ground turkey, fish or chicken. Vegetarians can opt for beans too. Just make sure to add fillings that are low on salt and sodium. Including higher amounts of protein makes the taco much more filling and satisfying keeping the goodness intact.

Topping choice

The choice of toppings will also have a significant impact on the overall calorie composition of a taco. Try to substitute coldly pressed meats with ample vegetables so that you can still get the taco flavour without compromising on the overall taste and calorie composition. Consider adding salsa to amplify the flavour without adding the calories. Tacos work great with all kinds of vegetables. Because of this, you can add a lot of versatility and distinct tastes to tacos without compromising on the taste. Just be careful with cheese and cream dressings so that you still keep the calorie count low.

A Few more considerations

One of the most appealing things about Mexican cuisine, specifically tacos, is its versatility. Tacos can be combined with practically anything for a flavour rich experience. Moreover, it is suitable for both fast food eaters and health freaks. With minor tweaks to the ingredients, you can change a fast food taco to a healthy taco. If you want to make sure that your taco is calorie smart, add vegetables like cabbage, peppers, lettuce and healthy dressings like salsa, light mayo, etc. Since tacos can be transformed into diet food easily, diet conscious people can continue to experience the delight without compromising on the taste.

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