If someone asked you to eat an assortment of tacos for every meal for a week or a month, your first reaction would probably be to say that they were crazy. That’s probably because you’re thinking of tacos served at fast food joints. If done correctly, you could eat nothing but tacos for weeks and still be completely healthy. How you may ask? The same way any other meal can become healthy, by changing the ingredients and food preparation.

Dictating what goes into your tacos, or any meal for that matter, is the key to eating your favourite foods while staying healthy. This guide will go through each step of the taco-making process, to help you understand how you can start your taco diet without gaining 20 pounds.

The Shell

The taco shell greatly influences the number of calories within the finished product. Choose non-fried corn tortillas over anything fried, as that adds a lot of unnecessary fat and calories to the dish. Whole grain tortillas are better, but not as healthy as corn shells. Corn tortillas contain fewer calories and are generally more filling; but avoid the highly processed shells.

If you’re looking for that crunchy taco experience without the added fat from frying them, then here’s a little hack for you. Steam your corn tortillas until they’re extremely flexible, before folding them over a balled up piece of aluminum foil. Make sure to mould to foil into the exact taco shape you want. Put everything in the oven on high heat for a few minutes, until they crisp up.

The Protein
For a taco to be filling, it’s all in the protein you choose. Beans are a great vegan option that’s high in fibre and low in calories. Other filling protein options include eggs, lean ground turkey, chicken, fish, lentils and any other source that’s low in calories and fat. Adding a dash of salt-free seasoning will add even more flavour without any added sodium.

The Toppings

This is the best way to make sure you’re adding a good amount of nutrients to your diet, whether you’re practicing veganism or just trying to get healthy. Foods that deliver the proper nutrients like kale, butternut squash, any variety of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats like avocado or nuts are great toppers for any taco. Make sure to limit the amount of cheese or sour cream you slather on there, for they’re both high in calories and saturated fats. A delicious and nutritious substitute is salsa or guacamole, in moderation of course.

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